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ATTN: social web networkers! [Mar. 6th, 2009|07:23 pm]


We are the leading 'cause' based social network on the web, with a massive community and noted celebrity backing, located in the heart of the social web tech sector of Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles.

Starting April 1 we are opening up a three month intern program for select candidates. This position has the opportunity for leading to employment. The role will be highly educational - we will actually be giving classes on how to become a Social Web Marketing Expert - and if you pass the certificate program, which lasts three months, you will earn a certificate of completion as well as access to the network of the CEO and a Senior Web Marketing Specialist, with full recommendations and employment opportunities.

This position is not restricted to Los Angeles residents as we will be providing an online component for our remote interns. There are a limited number of spaces however and through our personal networks have already had a significant response and seats are filling up fast.

This opportunity is perfect for people who:

1. Want a career change and want to become social web marketing experts
2. Social web savvy people who want to learn how to build and quite literally start their career in online marketing
3. People already in online marketing who want to hone their skills and increase their market place value and offering
4. People who are in college or fresh out of college and just looking to learn about the great career potential of the social web

You will be connecting with the LA Social Networking scene like no other opportunity in LA today: Attending key events, meeting key people in the industry - if you shine you will do well. That's a promise.

If this sounds like something that might be interesting to you - please contact me: I am a senior Marketing Web Specialist and have been in online social web marketing for over ten years, consulting with multi-nationals around the globe to start ups right here in LA, speaking on prestigious panels and in focus groups around the world. I can teach you everything you need to know.

And no: There is NO COST, NO TUITION - this is not a scam. We genuinely want to find the next generation in social web marketing brains out there, we'll train you, you'll learn and you will help us grow our business. It's an incredible opportunity and if I turned the clocks back on my own career ten years I'd be ALL OVER THIS.

If you are interested: Shoot me an email and request an application. I don't need resumes or cover letters or any of that. I will learn enough about you through the application process to base my decision. The program starts April 1st, and applications are not accepted after March 15th. So please move quickly if you are serious.

Please contact mateo@causecast.org. Thank you very much!

Original craigslist ad: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/mar/1058901675.html