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Angelenos Meet Here

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This is a community for people who live (or like doing things) in the Los Angeles area. You can post about events that are going on, things you are hosting, a business you work for/own/want to tell people about, but the main idea is to post about yourself in an attempt to network and meet people.

You do not have to live in Los Angeles to join (obviously I can't/won't check up on you to see who lives where), but this community is L.A.-centric. If you live in the O.C. or Riverside, or wherever else, but like doing things in L.A. or meeting people in L.A., that's totally fine.

Please use common sense when posting - keep events and other such things limited to those in L.A. county. Respect other members/posters - disrespect doesn't fly around here!

Have fun! Feel free to suggest other interests/citites to add to the interests list.

This community was created,and is maintained and moderated by awccmfan